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Birthing babies is freaking expensive! You have to buy a new wardrobe you can only wear one season, you take time off work for a million pricey doctor visits, and that’s before you start into all the crap you think you have to buy for your cute little bundle-of-debt. But we love our costly mini-mes, so the only thing to do is find ways to make them slightly less costly.

I’ve compiled a list of cheap baby items, free baby samples, coupons for baby, baby registries that give you freebies and some other suggestions to help you keep costs for baby down. If you know of other free and cheap baby stuff for moms, let me know and I’ll update my list, let’s share the wealth people!

Free & Cheap Baby Stuff for New & Expectant Mothers | Mother Maker Mess Blog
Click to start your Amazon Baby Registry

Amazon Baby Registry
> Pretty much everyone shops on Amazon and is comfortable using it
> You can add links to items from other websites to your Amazon Baby Registry, not just items on Amazon!
> 90-day return policy for registry items
> 10% discount on remaining Amazon Baby Registry items post-due date (15% discount for Amazon Prime)
> Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box: Amazon Baby Registries that use the JumpStart Checklist and have a $10 minimum purchase through the list can request a FREE box of baby product samples and baby product coupons (option shows up in the registry once all steps are completed). And it’s a damn big box of great samples.

Amazon Family | Free & Cheap Baby Stuff for New & Expectant Mothers | Mother Maker Mess Blog
Click to sign up for a 30-day free trial

Amazon Family
> What is Amazon Family? Amazon Family is a benefit through Amazon Prime.
> Amazon Family members receive 20% off diaper subscriptions through Subscribe & Save
> Get a 15% discount on orders to finish out your Amazon Baby Registry
> Special discounts, coupons and access to family-friendly products and services including Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Music and more
> Create your Amazon Family account through a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime

Target Baby Registry | Free & Cheap Baby Stuff for New & Expectant Moms | Mother Maker Mess Blog
Click to create a Target Baby Registry

Target Baby Registry
> For those who like shopping in an actual store, the Target Baby Registry is great
> Target retail stores are everywhere as well as online
> Easy exchanges and returns on registry items for a full year after purchase
> After you create a Target Baby Registry, you’ll get a FREE baby swag bag (valued around $100) that includes baby product samples, baby product coupons and other special Target discounts
> Get a 15% discount on items remaining on your baby registry post due-date
> For about a year, you’ll continue to receive baby-related coupons and special discounts

Baby Formula Clubs
> Even if you’re dead set on breast feeding, sign up for all the formula clubs anyway.
> Crap happens and milk dries up for no good reason and you may not get to breast feed like you want. Better safe than sorry.
> Even if you are able to breast feed, life happens, you may not get to pump, whatever. Having backup formula for just-in-case scenarios can be a sanity-saver.
> Besides free baby formula samples and baby formula coupons, formula clubs often also provide free baby product samples and coupons for other baby needs
> Worst-case scenario: you have baby formula samples and baby formula coupons you don’t need that you can give to friends, family or donate to women and children shelters. Warm fuzzies for everyone!
> Click here to sign up for the Similac StrongMoms Rewards Club for Similac coupons and samples
> Click here to sign up for the Enfamil Family Beginnings Club for Enfamil coupons and samples
> Click here to sign up for MyGerber for Gerber coupons and samples

Target Baby Box | Free Samples Baby | Free & Cheap Baby Stuff for New & Expectant Moms | Mother Maker Mess Blog
April 2018 Target Baby Box

More Free Baby Stuff
Here’s a few more ways to get some free baby items and coupons for baby staples...
> Free books for baby: Have free books mailed to your baby through two different programs! Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library and Ferst Readers sends books to select areas around the U.S. Check to see if you can get free books from Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library here. Check to see if your child can receive free books from Ferst Readers here.
> Free Baby Box Co box and samples: Register for The Baby Box University and receive a free baby box with samples. Only available in select areas. Find out if you can receive a free Baby Box here.
> Target Baby Box: As of this post’s publish date, there is only the April 2018 Target Baby Box of samples, but check back to see if they add in new Target Baby Box options to try a bunch of brand name baby samples for $5.
> Reach out to your favorite baby brands: Have certain brands that you love? Make a point to reach out to them directly and ask for baby coupons and samples. Some have programs already in place that they’ll direct you to, and still many will be only too happy to send you a few baby freebies or coupons.
> Watch the Free sections of Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist: Plenty of people will go to these super popular sites to unload no longer needed baby items. With a little elbow grease, some soap and a magic eraser, you’ll be able to scrub plenty of perfectly usable baby items into like-new or good-enough-for-your-ankle-biter condition.

EPILOGUE – Publix Baby Club (Now Defunct)
I had planned to tell you about the amazing coupons for free diapers and other free baby stuffs that the Publix Baby Club sends. However, I went to their site and this is what they now show: As of May 21, 2018, Publix is no longer accepting new registrations for the Publix Baby Club.

I can only surmise that the coupons they’d mail were costly, so they opted to go completely digital to save $$ and to glean every last nugget of data that they can from customers. I’m truly sad for new moms who won’t get to take part in this, because the discounts were uh-may-zing, like coupons for free packs of Publix-brand diapers, coupons for essentials like free baby wipes, plus store coupons for name-brand diapers that could be stacked with manufacturer coupons. Well, that’s gone now, so too damn bad. You can still register for a generic Publix account and get digital coupons like with Kroger, but whatever, it’ll never be the same. 🙁

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