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With the start of a new month we have a brand new batch of free Kindle ebooks from Amazon through its Amazon Prime program Amazon First Reads. Choose one of a select handful of new or pre-release Kindle ebooks to own and read for free! Not an Amazon Prime member yet? You really should join Amazon Prime – it has so many great perks (plus a 30-day free trial)! But if you’re not in the market to join just yet, regular Amazon customers can snag the selected Amazon First Reads books at a discount.

Without further ado, here are the Amazon First Reads for July 2018:

Free and Cheap Books Amazon First Reads July 2018 | Mother Maker Mess Blog

Click through the image or link up top to go to the main Amazon First Reads page to view all of the available books. Or, if you’re itchin’ to get movin’, click a specific book below to either select your free Kindle ebook (for Amazon Prime Members) or to purchase these books at a discount for a short time (for any and all Amazon customers). PLEASE NOTE: The book links below list out the standard Amazon prices, not the free or discounted prices. To view the Amazon First Reads discount prices and free Kindle ebook options, sign into your Amazon account first and have it up in the background. You can then click these links for the individual book listings and make your selection. At this point you’ll see the updated prices.

Remember, these deals are only for July 2018 – don’t wait too long!

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