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I’m running very behind on posting this – sorry! But it’s a brand new month and that means there is a new batch of free or cheap books from Amazon! Each month, Amazon selects a handful of books that they list at a discount for everyone through their program Amazon First Reads. An added bonus? Amazon Prime members can select one of those books in digital form for FREE!

To view the Amazon First Reads selections for June 2018, click the image below or visit Amazon First Reads June 2018.

Free & Cheap Books Amazon First Reads June 2018 | Mother Maker Mess

Know which freebie Amazon book you want? You can click through to a specific book below to either get your free Kindle ebook (for Amazon Prime Members) or any of these books at special savings (for any and all Amazon customers). PLEASE NOTE: The links below display the regular price for the books, not the discount prices or free options. To see the Amazon discount price and free ebook options, make certain you’re signed into your Amazon account in the background. Once you click through to the individual book listings and make your selection, you’ll see the updated discount price for the edition or the option to purchase the Kindle ebook for free.

Remember, these deals are only for June 2018, so hop to it!



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