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Who likes to embroider? Who loves free stuff? How’s about both? Woo-Hoo, me too!! If you’ve never heard of the website Urban Threads, boy oh boy have I got a treat for you.

Urban Threads is an online store that creates hand embroidery and machine embroidery patterns, in every file type you can think of. But these typically aren’t the standard, run-of-the-mill embroidery patterns. Urban Threads embroidery patterns often involve skulls, blood, snark, steam punk, other-worldly elements and so much more. It’s embroidery for those of us who like our arts, crafts and DIY to be freaking awesome or a bit off-kilter.

Periodically, Urban Threads releases free embroidery patterns to appease freeloaders like me. Thankfully, they aren’t pawning off their crap patterns – they’re actually nice! I’ll make a point to check the site regularly and let you know when a new free embroidery pattern from Urban Threads has popped up and then link it here.

To get your free embroidery patterns from Urban Threads for April 2018, click the image below: (Note that some patterns remain free while others will switch back to having a cost, so pay attention when adding items to your carts!)

Free Urban Threads Embroidery Pattern April 2018 | Mother Maker Mess Blog
Free Embroidery Pattern – Beehive Buzzin’ – Urban Threads

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